Kryptos Management services

Kryptos is a leading Remote Infrastructure Management Services provider which has its headquarters in Chennai and services to a global crowd. Kryptos services are designed to deliver value to enterprise IT operations today and for the years to come, and are offered in modular fashion so that you can pick the ones that truly address customer needs. The service offered by Kryptos comprises of 3 distinct classifications. 1.Monitoring services 2.Managed services 3.Professional or implementation services IT Managed Services: Under Managed Services there are 11 state of the art offering. ?Server Management: Kryptos Server Management is designed to address enterprise server platform needs from the design, deployment, optimization and migration. Kryptos services ensure better utilization, increased performance and improved system availability. ?Web Management: Kryptos comprehensive Web Operations (Web-Ops) services support web-enabled application infrastructure with best practices using ITIL based framework. ?Database Management: Kryptos database services provide for secure, optimal management and increased database productivity. The services range from database design and enhancement to installation / upgrades, backup / restoration and performance and capacity management. ?Network Management: Kryptos expertise lays in managing large, complex and widespread network infrastructure across time zones, and across customer segments. Kryptos have designed their network management services to provide round-the-clock, reliable and optimally performing networks. By monitoring and managing network installations, Kryptos helps it client in improving network availability, optimize network performance and proactively manage operational issues to ensure smooth, uninterrupted functioning of your network, 24/7. Client gets the advantage of a fully managed network solution without the capital expenditures and resource. ?Communication Management: Kryptos Communication Management helps standardize processes and the 24×7 management of communication services help ensure maximum uptime for critical voice and business applications, reducing network outages hence lowering MTTR significantly. ?Backup and storage Management: Kryptos provides comprehensive remote storage management and managed backup services. Kryptos data storage solutions and backup services will help extract the best out of your data storage infrastructure by aligning capacities and performance demands with important business continuity parameters like availability and compliance in a cost-effective manner. ?Application Management: Our Application Management Services (AMS) caters to small and medium enterprises that require maintenance of existing home grown applications and require new Applications to be built. Through a set of Engagement, Knowledge Transition and Support Processes, Kryptos AMS brings Applications and Environments to a managed state and improves availability, security and extensibility (technology migrations). KAMS manages end to end life cycle of Applications either by transitioning and maintaining steady state of operations or by building Applications first and maintaining them for respective life cycles. ?End user commute: Kryptos End-user Services is designed to improve your end-user productivity and provide streamlined services to end-users with operations across locations. Kryptos facilitates centralized support with a standardize process for your end-user environment. ?Desktop Management Service: Kryptos Desktop Management Service is designed to standardize your end-user environment and optimize your IT resource utilization. The delivery process is tailored to address the needs of varied customer segments. ?Managed security: Kryptos provides comprehensive Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services to help identify and correct network vulnerabilities and system security issues. To know more about Kryptos and Management services please visit or email them at . About Author /Description: Kryptos Group is a Prominent IT services company which serves its customers with ever reliable and impeccable Remote Infrastructure Management along with the on demand IT services. Kryptos services are game changing solutions that have long term impact on the customer business by helping you strategize, design, implement and manage solutions and technologies with flexible support windows. Kryptos services are as follows. Envisioning the technology consumption and Infra cost involved in using – Managing – Monitoring these technologies, KRYPTOS Group has been successful in helping Enterprises tackle this problem with its comprehensive range of services which starts from simple and efficient Remote Infrastructure Monitoring and Management services to a pay-per-use software in collaboration with Microsoft, VM ware and many leading Technology Service providers.

Making Real Estate Marketing Ideas Work

Real estate marketing ideas should be sustainable and applicable to a broad audience. When it comes to marketing, you never who can turn out to be a potential customer so you have to be prepared to address different types of people. Because of the immense competition among realtors these days, it’s time to put those plans and ideas into action.

Start from taking advantage of print or offline media. The smallest yet easiest way to communicate your business to other people is through business cards. You should always have one wherever you go because you never know when you can meet a potential client. When you also attend big events, you might want to look into sponsorships where you can give free swag.

Online, there are a lot of opportunities for real estate marketing ideas to prosper. Among them is through creating your own website. This is actually a must because websites provide a more convenient and cost-efficient office for you. Through a website you can reach people from all parts of the country or even the globe. Having a website would also allow you to take advantage of other online marketing ideas.

Though admittedly, it can be overwhelming to create a website immediately. You can start small and take advantage of a blog. There are different blogging platforms these days that are easy to maintain and also serve as your website in the meantime.

It is important to have a specific landing page online. This way you can also take advantage of other online marketing strategies. Among them is email marketing. This is a great way to gather specific groups of people as your clients. You can send newsletters and other viral marketing efforts through email marketing.

Social networking sites are also important when it comes to digital marketing. You should definitely take advantage of creating a Facebook page where you can showcase your professional services and other things that can help introduce you to the public.

Twitter is also a social networking site that you can use in accordance with Facebook. This is a quick way to reach your public, share new developments and important news about your business and real estate.

Real estate marketing ideas these days have gone digital. So you should learn how to use both traditional and digital means to sustain your business success.

Windows 7 home premium edition retail license key

Windows 7 has offered about one hundred fifty million copies because it was very first introduced out into the marketplace in October 2009 at a staggering charge of 7 copies each and every 2nd. This is a historical figure in terms of the velocity at which copies of the Windows working technique has been sold. The rate at which Windows 7 copies are acquiring bought is not only phenomenal simply because of it acquiring offered a good deal more quickly than any past versions of Windows which includes XP but is also amazing as the very last Windows model i.e. Vista was a large catastrophe. Quite a few critics had talked about that Microsoft may possibly locate it challenging to carry back the trust of computer users immediately after their popularity was hampered by Vista. But Microsoft has proved all critics improper and reiterated the simple fact that Windows are there to continue to be and going to get much better each time. Here are a handful of factors on how Windows 7 is greater than Widows Vista:

1. Enhanced Speed and Performance: Just before Windows 7 just about every new Windows operating program launched by Microsoft wanted much more hardware requirement in order to run easily and more quickly than the prior variations. But it has surely modified with Windows 7 as it supplies far much better velocity and overall performance than Vista with the identical hardware configurations. From my particular encounter, I would say that it often performs even far better than Windows XP particularly in terms of Windows get started time and a couple of applications.ns.

2. A cleaner and graphically enhanced interface: Windows 7 is a great deal much less cluttered compared to Vista particularly in the activity bar and method tray icons and the potential to use themes. You can download and install any windows 7 home premium edition retail license key with just the click on of the mouse in a handful of second to make your personal computer display glimpse a good deal much better.

3. Less bundled applications: Microsoft has also listened to feedback of Windows customers and critics and eliminated many of the bundled objects like as Messenger, Movie Maker, Live Writer and so on. Several individuals hardly use them and so there is no use of bundling them with the Working system as was the situation with Windows Vista. But now Microsoft has place them separately for download in their individual web site as an alternative of bundling them so that customers who want it can download them free of charge from the Microsoft website. You an also download Microsoft safety application named Microsoft Safety Essentials and several Windows 7 Themes no cost of price from the Microsoft web page.

In my opinion windows 7 home premium edition retail license key is the finest operating method ever brought out by Microsoft. It is undoubtedly greater than Vista in practically all facets and I would even say it is even far better than Windows XP even though a lot of may possibly deny. Windows XP may well be a bit quicker than Windows 7 but then there are a good deal far more characteristics in Windows 7 in contrast to XP. My last words – Go for it if you are not utilizing it by now.

windows 7 home premium edition retail license key

Why You Deserve Senior Citizens Employment.

Are you a senior, and are you actively searching for senior citizens employment? Before you answer, think about it.

Sure you say! I have in mind just the kind of job I want to get and I even know the names of some companies and individuals I want to work for.

Bravo! But have you done your real homework? Are you convinced, really convinced, that you’re the best qualified person to walk away from a job interview with a senior citizens employment offer in your pocket?

Have you prepared for every job interview? Actually visualized going through the process of anticipating your answers to questions that will probably arise? Why, you ask? I know what I’m going to say.

While there is such a thing as over preparation. Far worse than that is the opposite result, lack of practice. Let me tell you a story!

Many years ago, back in the middle of the last century, one of the greatest batters in professional baseball was a tall, lean fellow named Ted Williams. He was a super star, even before the description was used.

One day, early in the morning, even as the sun was just coming up, another ball player who was sharing a hotel room with Williams on a road trip woke up.

He saw Ted Williams in his pajamas standing in front of a full length mirror, bat in hand watching his reflection swinging at imaginary pitches.

What are you doing, the fellow asked incredulously? Hitting home runs, Williams answered taking another swing at an imaginary pitch.

Get the point? The best performing individual at any line of endeavor stays on top with practice. Preparation and practice may begin with the same letter of the alphabet, but they sure don’t mean the same thing.

You’ve taken your first step to nailing down your senior citizens employment. You’ve selected the job of work that you absolutely want to have. You have also taken the second key stride, you’ve made a list of several name businesses and individuals you are going to contact and interview with.

Now, prepare your written and oral presentation, and then stand up in front of your own personal mirror like Ted Williams did and make your delivery. And then practice swinging the bat and hitting the imaginary ball again and again until it becomes your second nature.

Visualize hitting your own home run, getting a bona fide senior citizens employment offer.

Actually visualize yourself walking into the interviews one by one. Picture what you’re going to wear and rehearse your opening greeting. The wonderful thing about children at play is how real they get at make believe. Recapture make believe and really feel yourself at an employment interview.

A very important key point to remember is this. At the end of every visualized job interview, see and hear yourself being offered actual employment.

Make your personal senior citizens employment project the keystone of your day, every day. It may take a while of time before it bears fruit. But it will happen. You deserve success, you deserve seniors employment.

Raymond Angus is the best selling author of He writes about how seniors find employment in today’s ever changing world. Are you a senior and do you want tips on how to work and live in this bleak economy? Go to and click on employment.

Purple patches, Vs and Ws, bankers 6bn bonuses But is there some real business growth out there

The clocks have just gone back, the Autumn leaves in the park are swirling in the wind and the end of the year is in sight. With 12 months of doom and gloom firmly behind us now, are we really seeing the start of business growth in UK plc? Let’s forget the journalistic rhetoric… so post Summer what is happening in the private sector? The view from the trenches is:

A lot of the rightsizing is now completed, there is still a lot of corporate restructuring of people in order to improve and deliver operational improvements….

In a similar vein, business process re-engineering, business integration and convergence continues….

Organisations are looking at new sectors as core markets are still not yielding the anticipated levels of business growth, new markets in nuclear, oil, gas and aerospace…..

Getting more out of less, reviewing and refining everything you do, taking costs out of the supply chain and getting your house in order, improving cost bases and efficiencies apart from continuing with unification, culture change and consolidation. To some IR is looming it’s head and as we have seen with Royal Mail can turn nasty ….

There is a lot of due diligence being conducted, there are organisations with cash to make acquisitions, but there is cautiousness, bolt-ons to existing businesses seem the most desired but strategic fit.

Many organisations are looking at new sectors ….

IT investment continues, cloud computing promises to rationalise and change the way organisations work ….

Keeping overheads flat, better pricing and margins, cost control and cash management is king …..

Last week we hosted a very large client event with Richard Lambert, Head of the CBI, his stance was that British business had to re-establish its reputation. I have attached a link to his speech wich makes interesting reading:

Read Richard Lambert’s speech.

At another of our recent client events we had Gartner’s Head of Global Research speak to us on “Innovation: The Key Ingredients in a Return to Growth” to share their insight, featuring research from Gartner which also makes very interesting reading. The session covered best practices, including how these should be applied in an emerging and fragile business growth environment.

Gartners advice is to prepare for a return to growth before it happens, to be in the best position to capitalise on opportunities as and when they emerge. Companies need to listen to “fresh ideas” and “any ideas for improvement” and “deliver business value ideas which are innovative and add value, for the organisation as a whole”.

We have a great case history for a business growth scenario when SilentNight Group, the Beds Company, got more than they bargained for when they hired Interim Executive Matthew Jenkins, as its first-ever Group Marketing Director…worth a read.

With the private sector in context..Based on data from the leading UK Interim Management Providers, the public sector now has far higher levels of interim managers and the day rates are higher in the public sector, despite some thinning out, my belief is that interims are so embedded in the public sector and make such massive contributions they will remain more or less untouched for the forseeable future.

In summary, organisations continue to want to get more out of less and as we know, each interim manager has a tremendous contribution to make to organisations in both the public and private sectors as experience pays in tough economic times and having the benefit of a turn on, turn off resource certainly pays dividends.